Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How do you like the new banner?! I'm trying to make my blog a little more pretty and simplified.
Also, come check out the new book store! I opened it through Amazon's astore, I get to pick what books to sell and I get a percentage off of the sales :) It's a pretty cool little thing and it's run through Amazon so the check out is the same. It's called Dottie Lou's Little Bookstore and I've got some really cool ones and one's for children too :)

I finally received my pattern for the skirts, it got sorted wrong at UPS but it finally made it to my house! I can't wait, I'm going to get some fabric today , I think I am going to make the skirt that's on the cover first I like the rough edges on it.

The Winterfest is this weekend and I'm going to get some info on how much for a booth etc. , I really want to open a booth next year! I want to sell my handspun yarns and maybe some roving etc. It gives me a whole year to plan and spin alot of yarn and save up for the booth fee..LOL!
My friend Sarah is starting to get very good at making purses and maybe she will want to do it with me?

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AP said...

HI! I wanted to reply to your comment...randomly on your blog! I chose this one because I have been wasting time ALL day on my computer with this blog thing...I am addicted. Then I saw this post about adding a little bookstore...I absolutely LOVE Amazon.com so I thought I would look and see what you got and funny...the wishlist that you have posted is the exact same wishlist I created for Harrison last birthday and Christmas...hahaha...and he actually got everything on it...yippee for him.
Miss you too!
Love, Amber