Tuesday, July 24, 2007

annd the back....

First Haircut!

I always put my pictures in the wrong order this should be one of the last ones,oh well I'll learn one day. Isn't it cute?! I've always wanted a bob so I'm living through my daughter :) I can't stop looking at her, she looks older now like a big kid!
She is so happy! I thought there would be tears, but I think it was harder for me than her...lol!
This is Lo's first "real" haircut! She had been asking me for months and I finally caved! I'm really glad I did, she looks adorable and they cut enough off that she donated her hair to Locks of Love :)

Monday, July 9, 2007

Felt acorn pincushion

Felt acorn pincushion
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I sent this as a little extra for my bunny swap partner. My mom started making these pretty little pins,they are so cute! I make and sell the felt acorn pincushions on my Etsy shop.

Little pink bunny's blanket and tail

Little pink bunny's blanket and tail
Originally uploaded by Dottie Lou Knits.

Here's the pic of the matching blanket and I put a crocheted flower for her tail :)

Bunny Swap

Little pink bunny's face
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This is the bunny I made for Barbara,I think she turned out pretty cute for my first one ever! I used the wee bunny pattern from Hilary Lang. I had alot of fun making this I even made a little blanket for her that matched.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bunny Pic!!!

Look below for pics of my new bunny!!!!!!!!! and her little buddy :)

Seasonal Swap sent

This is all of the goodies I sent for the Seasonal swap I was in. It was a summer beach theme and so fun to put together :)

More stuff sent out

Bunnies and Clowns!

I have had a stressful weekend to say the least! I had to go to Phoenix this weekend to take my precious Lo to the Children's hospital for tests, tests that she had to be put under for :( Not fun at all! Sooo as you can guess I was not in the brightest mood when I arrived home until I saw a package from my wonderful swap partner Barbara! I got a huge smile on my face and raced inside to open it!! WOW is all I could say.It is the cutest bunny I have ever seen! It's truly adorable, and she made a little clown to go with him. I have not had time to take pics yet , I will do that today and hopefully get them up tonite.The bunny I made her is not anywhere near the quality of work that hers was ..lol but it was made with alot of love! I will post pics of mine too but not beside the one she made LOL!! I seriously cannot say enough good things about my new friend Barbara, thank you thank you for your prayers and hugz for Lo.Oh ... and thank you from Lo to Maddesyn for her very sweet pictures , Lo loooved them and has them in her "special place" in her room :)