Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Okay...I have been more than bad at keeping up on my blogging and it's not like I don't have anything going on in my life to write about I just haven't put in the effort. My friend Shawna sent me a friendly reminder to get back to it so her I am :) I haven't posted since September I think and we've had 4 birthday parties,Halloween,Thanksgiving,and Christmas whew... and I'm sure there is stuff I'm missing it was a very busy Fall!

I'll start with Halloween, L was a dark fairy princess....I'm just glad she didn't want to be someone from High School Musical! and my son was Darth ( or Dark as my son calls him) Vader. Over the last several years we go to the Fall Fun Fair etc. and my kids are over Halloween by the time it actually comes so we did an old fashioned Halloween this year and went trick or treating and that's it and we had soo much fun!

Thanksgiving and my Dad's birthday fell on the same day this year , we were all supposed to go out of town for the holiday but we all ended up getting sick with a terrible cold that turned into infections for all of us so needless to say it was mellow and all we wanted to do was rest....

My son's birthday is Dec. 7th and we had a Batman birthday party and my Husband's dad and his wife came out for it. I am blessed with wonderful inlaws and I'm so glad they came :)

My daughter's first school Christmas play was this year and she was a cute! She hated it of course and it was really hot in the auditorium so she was really uncomfortable.

My daughter's birthday came soon after and she decided to have a slumber party, which was actually alot of fun. She got to pick 3 girls to stay and they are all really well behaved little girls!

Than came Christmas Eve! One of my most favorite nite's of the year! We go to my parent's house and have dinner and than open's the nite I finally get to relax and have fun and spend time with my family! It's much more fun now that there are 4 children , my nieces are getting Christmas now and it's really fun to watch all of them open the presents.
Christmas morning of course I love! It is always so fun to see my kid's faces I love it! We go to my Mom's for Christmas early dinner and then go relax at home. I love Christmas but I am glad that it's over and a new year is starting!
Speaking of New Year's , we are having some friends over tonite for New Year's Eve, nothing fancy just hanging out and visiting. My Aunt and Uncle are going to be here from New Jersey on the first and I am so excited, they will be here for two months and I'm really looking forward to it as we don't get to see them as much as we'd like since they live across the country.
Hope all three people that read my blog have a wonderful New Year's Eve and safe too!!