Tuesday, June 26, 2007


My first experience with a swap was great, I loves what I got and so did my swap partner. Well not the same with my second swap :( I joined the FP swap and made the green umbrella etc. and still have not got anything in return! My mother has not received anything either,I'm def. more bummed for her cuz this was her first one and she made the most beautiful swap gifts! I just don't understand how you can receive something that someone put their time and love in for someone they don't even know and not send something back! Totally understand that life is unpredictable but a quick email that it is going to be late or something is not to much to ask, I don't think. I hope that no one joins swaps with zero intentions of sending something back, that would be soo wrong! Do I sound angry?...LOL! I'm mostly mad for my mom :(

Since I am on the subject of swapping...haha, I will be sending out my swap partners bunny on Thursday! and I am finishing up my stuff for the Seasonal swap that I am in and will be sending it out this week sometime too! I have had so much fun making everything, it has really kept my mind off of all the stuff going on ..but that's a whole other post! lol
I will post pics of everything in the next couple of weeks as to not ruin the surprise for my swap buddies :) Check back cuz they are really cute!

Monday, June 18, 2007

This is the inside,I love love love this fabric! I'm not the best picture taker so the photo does not do it justice :( It is so pretty and looks really pretty next to the green.This was my first time lining a knit bag and it wasn't that bad! Probably not the best job ever but it's mine and I love it ..hehe :)
I finally finished my knit bag! I am soo pleased with the way it turned out. The flower is just a pin, I'm going to make several in different sizes and colors so I can change it around or not have one on it at all. I love this yarn, it is so fun to knit with.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

This is my son, I loooove this face! I kiss it all the time and he gets mad at me and wipes them off...LOL! I can't help it he isn't going to be this little for very much longer ...boo :(

Daddy and Daughter Dance

Lo and my husband went on a daddy/daughter "date" one nite and I swear it's the happiest I've ever seen her, she absolutely glowed!
This is my sweet Lo ! This was her big recital nite, they had the cutest costumes with ruffles and cherries. She looked precious on stage as usual, but this year she didn't look like one of the little girls :( I was proud and kind uv sad at the same time. I didn't think any costume could beat the ladybug costume they had two years ago but this one came close! I'm getting these up late as the recital was on the 2nd and 3rd of this month but better late than never :)

Bunny Swap

I started working on my stuff for the bunny swap last nite! I was having so much fun that time got away from me and I stayed up waay past my bed time..lol.I will post pics as soon as my swap partner has gotten her sweet little bunny! Don't want to ruin the surprise just in case she ever visits me here :) You can go visit her sweet blog at www.123lavenderlollipoplane.blogspot.com

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Free People Blog

I just looked at the Free People Blog and fpgirl just posted some pics from the travel swap flickr group and mine and my mom's stuff is on it!!!!!!! I am beyond excited about that! You can check it out at http://blog.freepeople.com/
Have a good Sunday :)

Monday, June 4, 2007

Mini Notebook

recitalandtravelswap 017
Originally uploaded by Dottie Lou Knits.

My very talented mother made this!!! I looove it ! I told her that I wanted it but she already listed it on her Etsy site :( booo. I'm half way tempted to get on Etsy and buy it from her...LOL! It is so beautiful on the inside and the back too.

Handpainted Umbrella

Originally uploaded by Dottie Lou Knits.

This is the finished umbrella I made for my swap partner...well I didn't make the umbrella itself of course! I painted it and made the inside all pretty :) I am really happy with the way it turned out..I was veeery nervous about it!