Monday, June 18, 2007

This is the inside,I love love love this fabric! I'm not the best picture taker so the photo does not do it justice :( It is so pretty and looks really pretty next to the green.This was my first time lining a knit bag and it wasn't that bad! Probably not the best job ever but it's mine and I love it ..hehe :)


Carol Rose Parker said...

This bag is really cute. I think you did a good job with the lining, though i can't see the details (but I'll bet it's a lot better than you think it is - we are all so hard on ourselves.

Also, I think both of your kids are adorable, and I don't blame you at all for kissing them all over their faces -- even if your son wipes them off!

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Dottie Lou's said...

Thank you,thank you! We are all hard on ourselves aren't we?

I checked out your blog! Is that all of your work? Very cool, do you do it on a computer or diff. media?

Thank you for visiting :)