Monday, June 4, 2007

Mini Notebook

recitalandtravelswap 017
Originally uploaded by Dottie Lou Knits.

My very talented mother made this!!! I looove it ! I told her that I wanted it but she already listed it on her Etsy site :( booo. I'm half way tempted to get on Etsy and buy it from her...LOL! It is so beautiful on the inside and the back too.


HopHopJingleBoo said...

cool notebook and had to peek in on your blog! happy to have you in the bunny Swap email me.. i will send you the bunny banner..

Anonymous said...


Looks like Im your bunny swap partner. I'm very excited. I have your little guy ready to travel. I just need your address.

Talk to you soon,

Jackie said...


Oops, Im not me when you can to exchange addresses. I'm excited to do the bunny swap!
Have a great night~