Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Projects!

Hello! Ya, I'm still!

I have several new projects in the works and I am truly excited about all of them! One of them is I promised myself to make some of my own and my daughter's spring and summer clothes this year, so I am making some pillowcase dresses/tank tops for us and I just ordered from Purl Soho, the Amy Butler pattern for the Barelona skirt The picture is at the top here and it's 3 different skirt patterns! When I get it I am going to order some fabric to make all three from Purl Soho too :)
I already have some fabrics in mind! I also just bought some wood carving tools and some ink to make my own woodblock stamps , I've traced out some designs and am going to start carving tonite hopefully. I really want to buy some good solid colors of fabric and stamp my designs on them and make myself some clothes and accessories and maybe some cards..oooo the possibilities!!! I have more too but I have to get goin' Will post again tomorrow :)

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