Monday, May 21, 2007

Craft Swap

I am in the Free People craft swap ,this is the second one they have done and this one is travel themed. I am almost finished with what I decided to make, just a few more touches and I'll be finished. I just have to find some cool little stuff to put with it and decide how to package it up pretty! Sooo I am brainstorming because what I made is kind uv big and awkward for sending. I soo hope that she likes it! I'll post a pic of the progress when I get home today or at least I'll try and get it! I need to go and buy some paint and some brushes tonite. If anyone gets a chance go and look at the Free People Travel Swap on flickr , I think you can still go and look at the FP Valentine swap pics on's got some really pretty stuff on it. Everyone involved can post pics of what they are making on there and there are alot more people involved in this swap so it should be pretty neat to see everything!


LaurieStar said...

Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog and thought I'd say hello. Enjoyed reading about your projects and your umbrellas! :)

Dottie Lou's said...

Thank you Lauriestar! You are my first commenter :) I was so excited when I opened my email this morning.