Thursday, May 1, 2008


So, I want chickens really really bad and goats but I live in city limits so no goats and I thought no chickens until I found out that you can have chickens , no roosters!,and they have to be in a coop! So...I got online and did some research and found the Eglu! by it is made for people that live in an "urban setting" it holds two to four chickens and it's a very cool design for cleaning and it comes in several colors, I personally like the green as to blend in with the rest of my backyard. You can order chickens from them or get your own but the chicken on the top is the kind they send you and they are supposed to be really friendly and good with kids and they like to follow you around the garden annnd they lay lots of eggs! I'm saving my pennies cuz I'm getting one!! and two chickens. I'm liking Molly and Polly or maybe a Betty?
Also, if you go to and punch in eglu all sorts of pictures from people that have gotten them and their chickens.

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