Monday, May 26, 2008

The Camping Trip from He**!!!

Actually there have been some really really fun parts but in between the fun parts have been pretty bad, we have a black cloud over us for some reason this weekend! I guess I could just list them on order of appearance:

1. arrive at Mohave Narrows and try to set up but propane tank has a leak,drive to town and get
more propane, come back fix leak.
2. generator will not stay on, see that batteries look old, clean connectors and try again, no deal
go back to town and buy two new batteries, come back and hook up batteries.
3. everything working now except t.v. and microwave and outlets, too tired to deal with that, will
wait till morning
4. dog wakes up hubby at 4 am , hubby lets dog out to pee yells at dog to wait then trailer fills with
skunk smell! dog sprayed by skunk that was at our front door!
5. husband gets t.v. working and outlets
6. everything is working finally, hubby and I drink a beer in celebration, life is good :)
7. hubby drives truck to his dad's camp site , backs up to come back to our camp site
truck starts spewing something very fast!
8. truck is not working , we are stuck!
9. it's saturday and memorial weekend so we are stuck until at least Tuesday, thank goodness
family is here to take us to the store to stock up on supplies etc.
10. Monday morning go to the playground happy despite truck being broke, at least everything
is still working in the trailer :)
11. generator starts to make a wierd sound...generator turns off.....generator blew a
12. all family is leaving and going back to their comfy homes, hubby catches his dad before they
leave to help move trailer to full hook up site, everything is now working again.
13. life is good again far :)
14. lets hope there is not a 15 or more!

On the plus side, it's beautiful here, we have had so much fun with family and riding our bikes and fishing , campfires etc. There were tears this morning over saying goodbyes.
I have a wonderful hubby who has been great considering he really hasn't go to enjoy himself since we got here. We are now finally getting to relax and he is out riding his bike with our daughter , we are grilling tonite and just trying to finally relax!
I don't believe we will be camping again any time soon...LOL!

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RobinBirdsNest said...

I'm soooo sorry you guys had so much trouble! I was so happy for you guys to get to go have a relaxing weekend. Bummer!!!
Love you!!!