Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sweet Goodness Swap

So, the lovely ladies from Sweet Goodness Swaps generously let me and my mother join their latest swap ,you can visit there site here:
We have one swap partner for three months ! How cool is that?! I am sending my partners stuff probably tomorrow so I will post pics after I know she has got it :)

I made a promise to myself that I am going to update my blogs that I visit , because since I started doing this I have made lots of new blog friends :) aaand I want to feature some of my favorite sellers on Etsy and some cool websites that I have come across,stay tuned for some new stuff :)

Also, to touch a little on my daughter's eosinophiloc disorder, did anyone watch the interview that Matt Lauer did with a little boy from London who's allergic to almost all foods? He had Eosinophilic Entropothy (sp?) in other words he has the same thing as my daughter only worse!
I was sooo happy for the exposure! I really wish that they would have interviewed someone form the states and told about the hospitals here that can help, and I wish they would have done a more in depth story but of course I would , I want a cure!!!!

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Renee said...

What mother wouldn't want a cure, you should email the show and have all of your friends and fam do the same an dI bet it might make it to tv!

just an idea.