Friday, August 31, 2007


Yes, it's true , I swear , my dog ate my swaps! I had them all done and laying out on the table , they just needed to be packaged and off they were going! I had spent several hours finishing them the night before :( My husband calls and says " Ummm...I had to go do a bid and , it's just down the street sooooo I thought that I could just leave Oscar (our one year old boxer) inside cuz I wasn't gonna be gone THAT long.......and it's so hot outside, but ummm he ate your bamboo candle...and there's green tea and tea bags everywhere and glitter? I wonder how he got those?" As soon as he said it my heart sank! "NOOOOOO I cried! noooot my swap stuuuuff!!! @$#$%^$%!!! I was sending them out today! He ate everything but thank goodness a journal that I had made, I can't believe it ,he didn't get into the kitchen trash or tear up toys just the swap stuff!
Sooo, if any of my swap partners are reading this I am going to be late sending everything out but I promise promise I am on top of it and you will get your swap gifts :)As soon as I get home I will post a picture of the little stinker himself!


Jules said...

Thats os funny but as a swap partner i shouldnt be laughing lol
just a note to ask if you received your swap from me
its been ages you should have got it,can you just meail me and let me know thanks so much
and dont be too hard on the dog
hes probably male
they are all the same

barbara burkard said...

oh my...someday you WILL grin at the memories...and just LOOK at that "i'm sooo sorry" face.....we accidentally, well duh...dropped an envelope of money in the hall where the dog was and yep he shredded the envelope with $200.00 in it! he only ate 20. of it...but we had quite the time taping it all back together...and no we didn't follow him around waiting for him to make a cash deposit...just cut our

Anonymous said...

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